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Tenuta Type 9

Modular design, Balanced, multiple spring, ’O’-Ring Mounted, two-bolt gland Cartridge Seal Assembly, with dual tangential flush as standard.

Designed with minimal internal and external protrusion and with gland dimensions for near universal fitting.

Easy to install, reliable and economical. Ideal for replacing Gland Packing on common marine and general Pump applications.

Highly effective design, complimented by Carbon vs SiC faces as standard, provides superior performance, ability, life and reliability.


  • 2-Bolt Gland design
  • Self-Aligning Stationary faces
  • Easy installation greatly minimising fitting errors
  • Hydraulically-balanced faces
  • Minimal internal and external protrusion
  • Non-Clogging seal faces and springs
  • Non-Shaft fretting
  • Carbon vs Silicon Carbide Seal Faces providing 3x higher pV values compared to Carbon vs Ceramic
  • Available Ex-Stock

    Operating Limits

  • Temperature: -30°C to +150°C

  • Pressure: Up to 30 bar (435 psi)
  • For full Performance Capabilities please download data sheet

    Limits are for guidance only. Product performance is dependent on materials and other operating conditions.

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